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Common Questions

  1. Is this really free?

    Yes. You can use our Free package, or upgrade to one of our paid packages for added features and functionality.

  2. Do I get my own .com for free?

    Yes. All upgraded accounts receive a domain name of your choice at no extra cost. No setup fee, no registration fee and no other hidden fees. Free websites receive a custom eWedding URL, not a domain name of your choice.

  3. Can I just start with a free site then upgrade if I want to?

    Yes. Creating an account will give you a Free website, you can then upgrade at any time through your control panel to any paid package.

  4. What's the difference between the packages?

    You can view a grid of the differences on the Packages page.

  5. If I upgrade from my free site will I lose everything I already uploaded?

    No. All data will be moved to your upgraded website and will show under your custom domain name as well.

  6. Can I change my theme after I create the site?

    Yes. You can change it as often as you like. You can add, edit and delete information and photos from your site 24/7.

  7. Can I use a domain name I already have?

    Yes. You just need access to your domain settings and set it to 'mask' or 'frame forward' to your eWedding url.

  8. How private will my website be?

    You can leave your website available to the public or password protect it. You can protect the complete site, or just some pages. You can edit these settings at any time.

  9. Can I get a copy of my website when my term is up?

    Yes. You can order a Keepsake CD of your entire website or order it in digital format and download it. The Keepsake is included for free in our Platinum package.

  10. How do I cancel my subscription?

    Click the 'Cancel Account' link under the 'Account' tab in your control panel.

I stumbled upon ewedding while i was looking for a simple online RSVP for our wedding. After looking on ewedding i decided to start a trial account to see what ewedding offered. Without no interest in doing a web page, that change completely after i saw how easy and how elegant their site was. I would highly recommend the use of this website for an excellent way to have your guest be able to log on and RSVP, leave comments, and have a more interactive way to get involved. I havent had my website posted yet but im excited to send my RSVP card with my URL on them to see what people think!

Mary and John

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