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5 Easy and Beautiful Wedding Décor Ideas

If you’re trying to come up with fantastic wedding décor ideas, but are stumped, you’re in the right place. Here are 5 genius wedding décor ideas that are super easy and beautiful. Charming Lights Create these beautiful light strings using tulle squares and a string of white Christmas lights. Simply tie the tulle squares in […]

How to Get Married by a Close Friend or Family Member

If you’re planning a more relaxed wedding, you may have had the idea to have a friend or family member marry you. It’s super easy these days to get ordained, so this is absolutely feasible if it’s what you want for your big day. Pop the Question The first step is to pop the question […]

Most Fragrant Centerpiece Flowers for Your Reception

If you’re looking for flowers that will fill your reception hall and tables with a wonderful aroma, there are several fantastic choices. Not only are these flowers very fragrant, but they’re beautiful and will look fantastic in your centerpieces. Roses Roses have a delicate fragrance that has been used for centuries in beauty products, perfume […]

A Wedding for Gamers: Video Game Themed Weddings

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who will spend hours checking out that long-awaited video game, then this post is for you. If you’re a couple who enjoys video games together, that’s even better. Here are some fantastic video game themed wedding ideas for the gaming couple. Mario Themed Wedding Cake This is […]

How to Create the Smoky-Eye Makeup Look for Your Wedding

One mistake many brides make is letting someone else do their makeup for their big day. Sure, many times the look comes out beautifully, but many times, it doesn’t and there may not be time for a re-do on the day of your wedding. Remember, you’ve done your makeup thousands of times and you know […]

Scrapbook Wedding Guest Book Idea

Whether you’re into scrapbooking or not, this can be a unique way to get a sweet or funny message from each of your wedding guests. It takes the traditional guest book idea and makes it absolutely adorable. Here’s what you’ll need: 1 large scrapbook Small envelopes (you can make or buy these; you should be […]

Summer Wedding Attire for Guests

While the bride is thinking long and hard about which dress to choose and whether to go with the veil or skip it, guests will be thinking about what to wear as well. A summer wedding is the perfect opportunity to dress up, and there are a lot of great choices as far as attire. […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Lace into Your Summer Wedding

Lace is white hot this wedding season, and there are more things to do with it than wear it on your dress! Here are 5 fun ways to incorporate lace into your summer wedding. 1. Lace Wedding Cakes Lace wedding cakes can be absolutely gorgeous and will fit in well with your summer wedding theme. […]

5 Obscure Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Photos Come Out Great

Most brides know the most important tips for great photos, like having the right makeup and looking natural, but there are some obscure tips that most brides don’t even consider. However, they’re important when the time comes. The Pretty Hanger Your photographer is going to want to get photos of your dress before you put […]

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