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Who Should You Give Gifts to on Your Wedding Day?

Aside from giving your guests wedding favors, how do you decide who to give gifts to on your special day?

Wedding history holds many traditions that dictate who you should give gifts to on your wedding day. For years, the main tradition was for brides and grooms to gift each other with something (not necessarily anything large or ornate) as a way to express their love for one another. This gift-giving tradition was also used to express excitement and gratitude for their new life together.

Over the years, though, new traditions emerged that varied from culture to culture that were based on the bride and groom gifting other family members and members of the wedding party. To some brides and grooms, gifting others aside from each other may seem unnecessary and even excessive. Still, many brides and grooms choose to honor these various traditions just for the fun of it.

If budget is an important factor to you in gift giving, or you’re having a small, laid-back ceremony and want to skip on all of the lavish gift giving, then it helps to know who you should and shouldn’t gift on your wedding day. Of course, you don’t have to follow any of these traditions, but if you’d like to do some gift giving for sentiment or sake of courtesy, here are some common people you may want to consider gifting.

Your Significant Other: Your future spouse is the first (if only) person you should think about gifting. You can choose something as large or as small as you’d like.

Your Parents: You can gift your parents with something simple to thank them for being there for you over the years and to symbolize your adulthood and your moving on with your life. This is not a necessity, but it’s often a nice exchange for sentiment sake.

Your Maid of Honor/ Best Man: Many couples choose to gift their entire wedding party, but if you can’t afford to do so, gift only your maid of honor or best man in private.

Remember, your big day is about you, and you shouldn’t worry about giving everyone gifts—that’s their job to gift you! But there’s nothing wrong with giving gifts to do something special for your loved ones. Who you should give gifts to on your wedding day is entirely your decision.

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