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Which Wedding Planning Tasks Should You Tackle First?

Even with help from a professional wedding coordinator, tackling the wedding planning process can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for which tasks to handle first and how to go about them.

Every couple has to stop and ask which wedding planning tasks to tackle first, even if they have help from a professional wedding planner. While a wedding coordinator can handle much of the planning process for you, it’s still your big day, and you’ll be in charge of making those final decisions. Sure, a coordinator can help you select the best theme, style, and decor for your event, but the details will be up to you. This is why it’s important to be involved in the planning process and to know how to handle it as best as you can.

Tackle the following wedding planning tasks first to make sure everything else falls into place early on:

Scout out ceremony and reception locations—Your planner will suggest venues to meet your preferences, but you’ll still need to do some legwork. Out of everything you should worry about first, selecting your ceremony and reception locations is the most important task. Venues book quickly and you don’t want to get stuck marrying at a venue you don’t like. Additionally, the venues you choose will set the tone for the rest of the event.

Get the dream dress—Depending on where you shop for your gown, chances are it will take months for your dress to be made. Whether it’s being custom made or you’re ordering a design from a bridal boutique, order your gown before you do anything else so you have it in time for fittings before the wedding.

Nail down your guest list—When it’s time to book your vendors, plan your catering, and order floral arrangements, the numbers on your guest list will matter. Sit down and write out your guest list early on to plan the rest of the wedding properly. You’ll also need to do this to get the invitations out on time and to allow everyone to RSVP well ahead of time. Without a doubt, putting together the guest list is one of the first wedding planning tasks you should tackle.

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