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Which Bridal Hair Accessory is Right for Your Wedding Ensemble?

Once you decide on your bridal hairdo, the next step is figuring out which bridal hair accessory is right for your hairstyle and your wedding ensemble as a whole. Here are some common hair accessory options and some tips to help you decide.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a bridal hair accessory, you’re not alone. What seems like such a small, simple detail can actually make a big impact on the look of your hairstyle and on your wedding ensemble as a whole. Just as your jewelry can clash with your gown and throw off your look, so can the wrong bridal hair accessory.

The tiara—This option is fit for a princess and is one of the most classic, traditional bridal hair accessory options out there, but it’s not for everyone. Even the smallest tiaras are very fancy, so if you don’t like a lot of fuss or you are having a very informal wedding, this might not be the bridal hair accessory for you.

Hair art—Hair art is also very elaborate, sometimes even more so than a tiara. Hair art is usually very unique and contemporary, fastening to the head as a headband or to the back of the head in some way. It typically features rhinestones, diamonds, pearls, or other stones or accents. It works best with contemporary gowns or simple gowns without a lot of detail.

Bridal pins—Bridal pins are the simplest bridal hair accessory option you can choose, but they give you just enough to polish off your hairstyle and your ensemble. They can be used for updos and long styles, and they usually feature gems or stones of some sort to add a little sparkle.

Birdcage veil—Yes, this is a veil, not a piece of jewelry. However, it works very well as a bridal hair accessory on its own. In fact, many birdcage veils come with stylish brooches attached to give you the full effect of a bridal hair accessory. A birdcage veil works very well for a retro or vintage look, but it can also put a fun spin on a modern ensemble as well. You can use this bridal hair accessory regardless of whether you wear your hair up or down.

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