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Wedding Flower Ideas for Every Bride

Looking for wedding flower ideas for your arrangements or bouquets? Here are some wedding flower ideas that work for every bride.

Every bride needs wedding flower ideas, but some wedding flower ideas work better than others depending on your taste and style preferences. You’ll also have to take things like your decor and theme into consideration, as well as your budget and the size of your wedding.

If you’re looking for versatile, stylish wedding flower ideas for your bouquets, centerpieces, or arrangements, consider using any of these classic flower choices that are sure to work for every bride.

Put a Spin on the Classics

Roses are an obvious wedding flower choice, right? Well, consider using roses in combination with other filler flowers to express your own personality, or put a spin on these classic flowers by mixing and matching them with less traditional flowers. Balsa wood flowers can be mixed with classic flowers, like lilies, or you can mix tulips with hydrangea.

Wooden Blooms

One of our favorite wedding flower ideas is to use balsa wood flowers, as mentioned earlier. They are very modern and chic and easily make your bouquets and arrangements unique. They can be mixed and matched with other flowers, but they also look great on their own or with some light foliage, like dusty miller foliage.

Fabric Blooms

Fabric wedding flower ideas are just as chic and just as trendy as the wooden blooms mentioned above, and they are super affordable, too. Kick that killer florist bill to the curb with handmade fabric blooms that are made out of materials like tulle, silk, or linen. They are hand sewn and can be made with ruffle accents and almost any color or print you desire.


Succulents or water-retaining plants are also excellent choices for wedding flower ideas. Not only are many succulents unique to use in your bouquets and arrangements, but they are beautiful, too! They bring both bright and dark, deep greens to the look of you arrangements, and they can create a really funky look when paired with traditional wedding flowers.

Talk to your florist and your wedding consultant about these various wedding flower ideas and find out if they will suit the look and feel of your wedding event.

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