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Wedding Dresses for the Full-Figured Bride

If you’re nervous to choose a wedding dress because you think they’re all made for petite, model-skinny women, you’re worrying for no reason! There are gorgeous dresses made to fit full-figured brides as well. Here are a few choices of dress-styles that look super sexy on plus size women.


The A-Line wedding dress is a classic design that features a slight flare starting from the waist. The bodice is usually fitted, so your gorgeous curves are played up, but the flare at the bottom balances you out. This is an attractive choice for plus size women as well as more petite women.

One Shoulder A-Line Wedding Dress
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Princess Cut

The princess cut wedding dress is another classic and is great for full-figured women. It fits close to the body around the breasts and then the skirt flares out subtly. A great tip for this cut is to choose one with an embellishment around the waist, as this can be very flattering for voluptuous body types.

Princess Cut Wedding Dress
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Mermaid Cut

Most plus-sized women have probably heard that they should stay away from the mermaid cut dress. This isn’t true, as long as you can find one that’s created specifically for plus size gals. The mermaid cut fits snug to the body down to the calves and then flares out dramatically. If the flare at the bottom is balanced correctly, voluptuous body types look smashing in this cut.

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress
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Each of these choices is spectacular for full-figured brides, but often it comes down to the actual dress. Try on several and have someone take pictures of you so you can compare them and determine which one you like best.

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