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Wedding Cake Trends to Follow for 2011

Looking for inspiration for your wedding cake? Check out the top wedding cake trends for 2011 to discover new, fresh cake design ideas.

Wedding cake trends to follow for 2011 are more than just beautiful and fashionable. They are also tasty and full of trend-setting flair! Some are even more affordable than previous wedding cake trends. So, whether you are a bride on a budget or a bride that likes to keep up with the top trends and can afford to go all out, these cake trends are for you!

Bye, Bye Fondant

Sure, fondant is pretty and versatile when it comes to style–but what about the taste? Well, not so hot. This may be the reason that buttercream has quickly started making its way to the top of the wedding cake trends to follow for 2011. Brides are realizing that they want to have their cake and eat it too (pun intended!). Besides, if you find the right baker, a buttercream cake can look just as smooth and finished as fondant any day. Not to mention, buttercream is luscious and super yummy.

Black and White Themes

While colored cakes are still popular, black and white seems to rule the list of the top wedding cake trends to follow for 2011. This trend, however, should be considered carefully. It’s really easy to go overboard with the black, making your beautiful cake a disaster. Keep it simple with some black trim on a white cake or intricate black designs on a white background to keep the balance just right.

Beauty You Can Taste

Long gone are the days of simple fruit and vegetable flavor cakes. This season, brides are going for rich and elegant cakes that appeal to both the eyes and the taste buds. Some of the top wedding cake trends to follow for 2011 in the taste department include red velvet, almond, orange, and even hazelnut-chocolate orange. Some brides are even filling these tasty cakes with chocolate ganache or caramel buttercream. Now those are some wedding cake trends to follow for 2011 that you can really take a bite out of!

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