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Wedding Cake: How Large Should It Be?

Choosing the wedding cake can be a lot of fun, especially since you get to taste several different delicious flavors! However, it’s important to know how large your wedding cake should be. You never want to end up without enough cake to serve your guests, so here’s a great guideline when it comes to ordering cake.


Most brides want some sort of tiered wedding cake, and typically, it’s made from sponge cake. You can always have larger tiers for more guests, or smaller tiers if you’re having fewer guests. Dummy tiers are also great, especially if you want a three or four-tiered cake but it’s just too much cake for the number of guests you’ll have. These tiers are decorated just like the rest of the cake, but they’re not actually edible.

Tiered Wedding Cake
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Sponge Cake

Sponge cake will serve fewer individuals than fruit cake, so you’ll need a larger cake for the same number of guests. A typical 3-tiered sponge cake with a 10-inch bottom layer, 8-inch middle layer, and 6-inch top layer will serve around 72 guests. If you’re having closer to 150 guests, a cake with four tiers is closer to what you’ll need, and those tier sizes should be 14-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch and an 8-inch top tier.

Sponge Wedding Cake with Fruit
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Backup Cake

If you order a cake and you’re simply not sure whether you’ll have enough (especially if you’re serving the wedding cake as dessert), then you can have a sheet cake made as backup and keep it in the kitchen of your venue. Your guests won’t know whether they’re not getting the actual tiered wedding cake, and you’ll be sure to have enough to serve all of your guests.

Sponge Sheet Cake Pieces

By using this guideline, you can ensure that you have plenty of wedding cake for your festivities!

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