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Ways to Have Fun Gifting Your Bridesmaids

Gifting your girls is fun enough as it is, but give them something luxurious and personal to make it even more special.

When brides think of fun ways to gift their bridesmaids, many different things come to mind. Traditional choices include items like jewelry boxes, jewelry, soaps and lotions, and many of these items can be personalized with engraved text or special messages.

Any bridesmaid would be thrilled to receive personalized, sentimental gifts such as these, but what if you could give them something better, like your time? After all, up until the big day, things have been hectic. Getting together for some one-on-one time is an excellent way to reconnect, relax, and kick back.

There are tons of great ways to combine personal time and fun, luxurious gifts for your girls. Doing something special together before the big day can really create memories for a lifetime and it’s a great way to say thank you.

While you may have already gifted your girls with something at the bridal shower or bachelorette party, these events are typically focused more on your bridesmaids and friends pampering you, the bride. Consider setting time aside for a girl’s day out, and make the outing about nothing to do with the wedding.

You can treat them to something as simple as dinner and a movie, or go all out with a spa day. If you have the funds, treat them all to the works and make them feel as special and appreciated as possible. You can also do a beach day or hit up a concert, maybe even see a Broadway show. Pack up the cooler, some blankets, and your favorite tunes and hit the road. Anything exciting that you can plan for just you and the girls minus the wedding drama is ideal.

Chances are your girlfriends will be glad to have some quality time with you, especially since you’ve been so wrapped up with wedding plans and your new fiancé. Express to them that they will always have your love and a place in your life by pampering them for a day. They will never forget the time spent together, and they can walk away with a great massage or maybe a new tan!

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