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Vintage Hair Accessories Add a Touch of Romance to Your Bridal Look

Vintage-style hair accessories instantly add an elegant, timeless look to your wedding day hairdo. Consider any of these accessories to add that special finishing touch with a fun retro spin. Vintage hair accessories stand out amongst the thousands of bridal hair accessories in the fashion industry today. As of late, for at least the last few years, they have been especially popular in the bridal fashion world. Brides of all ages, with various style preferences and tastes, have all latched onto the vintage bridal trend. It’s hard not to love vintage bridal glamour. Even the most modern, trendy brides gravitate toward it, simply because it exudes elegance, sophistication, and most of all, romance. Brooches Brooches are by far some of the hottest vintage hair accessories available to brides. They are the most popular vintage-style hair accessory choice because they look similar to the many brooches that the Old Hollywood movie starlets donned so many years ago. You can choose from an array of Art Deco styles, and they are all designed with different jewel, pearl, and diamond features. Aged silver, rhinestones, and feather accents are all commonly found in brooch hair accessory designs. If you want a wedding hair accessory that exemplifies the essence of vintage fashion, then a brooch is the right choice for you. Hair Art Hair art vintage hair accessories are similar in design to brooches, except they are larger and more ornate. Some of them may take up your entire head, or at least a portion of it. Choose these types of accessories with caution, as they work best with very simple gowns. They can be worn alone or with a chic birdcage veil to add to the vintage look, but again, be sure to minimize any other accessory so that your look doesn’t overwhelm your gown. Combs Combs with Art Deco style are perhaps the most versatile and the most subtle vintage hair accessories you can use. They work great with any veil choice, they hold your hair into place, and you don’t have to worry about them distracting from the look of your gown. If you want subtle vintage hair accessories, then pair a few Art Deco hair combs with a netted veil, and there you have it— you’ll be the fairest retro bride of them all! Free Wedding Websites from
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