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Versatile Spring Wedding Décor Ideas that Celebrate the Season

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Flowers are blooming, gardens are flourishing, and weddings are celebrated all around the globe. Complement your wedding’s seasonal décor with any of these extra touches. Spring wedding décor ideas for your spring wedding can enhance the feelings of freshness and awakening that naturally surround you throughout the season. Spring is a time for new beginnings for both you and nature, so celebrate those new beginnings by using any of these simple accents to enhance your overall wedding atmosphere. Flower-Shaped or Embellished Favor Boxes Wedding favor boxes can celebrate the season of spring and still allow you to offer your guests some additional wedding favors, like candy. They come in a wide variety of colors to suit almost any wedding and a variety of shapes and sizes as well. Additionally, they are extremely affordable and easily add a touch of décor to your place settings. Just remember, you will have to fill them yourself. Personalized Honey or Jam Displays What better way to celebrate spring than with the the fruits of nature? These items make great spring wedding favors, but they also add bits of color and texture to your reception tables, easily compensating for any lack of décor on the tables. They are offered in miniature jars that you can personalize with your names and the date of the wedding. A variety of jams and honeys can be purchased, and you can set them on the tables with elaborate wrapping to add to the room’s ambience. Wildflower Bags These spring items also make great wedding favors and décor for the reception, and they are perfect for the eco-friendly couple. Wildflower bags are completely biodegradable and give back to the Earth, instead of taking away. They can be used for decoration by placing them in cute little pails or small watering cans. Just be sure to look for carbon free ink. While you may be tempted to purchase elaborate, expensive wedding decorations for your spring wedding, start by choosing décor items that can also double as wedding favors. Items that kill two birds with one stone are the most convenient, versatile spring décor ideas out there. Personal Wedding Websites from
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