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Updo Hairstyle Ideas for Your Wedding Day

If you know you want to wear your hair up on your wedding day but you aren’t sure where to begin, consider any of the following updo hairstyle ideas.

Whether you’re getting married outdoors in warm weather or you just love the look and comfort of an elegant updo, there are plenty of updo hairstyle ideas for your wedding day. Each updo has its pros and cons, and each one offers a distinct look and feel, so you might find one that works better for you over another.

Here are great updo hairstyle ideas for your wedding day:

Classic French Twist—There are plenty of classic updo styles to choose from, but the French Twist is a staple in the updo hairstyle department. You just can’t go wrong with this classy, sophisticated look. This smooth look requires minimal spilt ends, so you’ll need to keep up with conditioning treatments.

Soft Romantic Sweep—If you are sporting a vintage gown or are a romantic at heart, try a soft sweep up-do with loose tendrils that fall on the sides of your face. Big, loose curls piled toward the back of the head or up high create a romantic, natural look that will complement any lace or vintage-style gown.

Modern Chignon—Chignon updo hairstyles are nothing new, but in recent years many modern chignon looks have emerged in the bridal fashion world. There are many different types of chignon styles, but a majority of them involve loose buns that are tied low or to the side of the head. Some are made of twists and knots or a simple swirl design.

Chic Ponytails—Ponytails are just as classic as French Twists. You can wear a tight, smooth ponytail at the back of your head toward the center, or a loose, wavy ponytail that is worn low or to the side. Chic ponytails are classic updo styles that help keep the hair out of your eyes and they provide a beautiful, sophisticated look. A ponytail is only one of the many updo hairstyle ideas for your wedding day.

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