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Top Wedding Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Whether you’re in the bridal party or you are a regular wedding guest, figuring out what to give someone on their wedding day can be a challenge. Here are some classic gifts to give any happy couple.

If you are looking for top wedding gift ideas to give at the wedding you’re attending, choosing the right gift can be difficult, especially when it is a big wedding or when you don’t know the bride and groom that well. More guests means more of a chance that you might give them the same gift as someone else, and not knowing the couple very well might lead you to gift them with something that doesn’t suit them.

Thankfully, this is where wedding registries come in. Most couples opt to sign up for a registry, making your gift-giving task a little bit easier, but what if there is no wedding registry to go by? If the couple hasn’t announced or shared that they have something else in mind, you may be left to blindly choose a gift. Whether you’re taking a shot in the dark or you just want to give them something classic that they are sure to love, here are some other top wedding gift ideas to consider.

Art or Wine: An elegant piece of art or a decorative item for the home is always useful, and the couple will be able to look at it over the years and remember that you gave it to them. You can also give a fine wine, but just remember to find out if the couple prefers red or white.

Exclusive Honeymoon Gift: If you know where the bride and groom are going for their honeymoon, give them a gift certificate for a store or restaurant in that area, or even some credit for a specific activity or hotel.

Money or Expensive Registry Items: You won’t ever go wrong with monetary gifts. No, they are not as dramatic as other gifts, but new couples can always use money after they get married, regardless of how comfortable they are financially. Whether they use the cash for something for the house or as spending money on the honeymoon, it will definitely go to use.

You can also chip in for one of the more expensive items on their registry, since those are usually the items that are left sitting on the list. Keep these top wedding gift ideas in mind as you search for the perfect present for their special day.

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