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Top Bridesmaid Trends for the Summer

Whether you’re a bride helping your bridesmaids dress for the big day or a bridesmaid who needs some style inspiration, here are the top bridesmaid trends for the summer. If you have a summer wedding coming up, the top bridesmaid trends for the summer can help you plan what to wear, whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid. Much of the big day is focused around the bride’s style. After all, it’s the bride’s day! But how the bridesmaids look is an extension of the bride’s style and it ultimately reflects on her. If you’re a fashionista who wants to makes sure all of the ladies look their absolute best on the wedding day, check out some of these top bridesmaid trends for the summer. Hats, Hats, and More Hats Spring and summer weddings are filled with garden-inspired looks, and wearing hats for outdoor weddings is all the rage right now. If the wedding is an outdoor wedding, consider having the bridesmaids wear hats, whether they are birdcage styles or inspired by the old, Southern Kentucky Derby hats. They are super chic and very feminine, and they give all of the girls a uniform look. Not to mention they help keep the sun out of your eyes! Flats Flats are also in vogue this summer, and they make the perfect shoe style choices for bridesmaids who plan to dance the night away. When comfort matters, flats can save the day, and they are especially helpful if any of the girls are tall. If you don’t want them to tower over one another, flats are a good shoe wear alternative. Brooches Just like the hat trend, brooches are vintage trends that instantly add a classic touch to any bridesmaid’s ensemble. Art Deco style brooches are especially hot this year, and they can be worn on the dress itself or with a vintage hairstyle. Brooches are glamorous and provide a fun way for all of the girls to match, which is nice if they are wearing different dress styles. Brooches, flats, and hats are among the many top bridesmaid trends for the summer. Free Wedding Websites from  
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