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To Honeymoon or Not to Honeymoon?

There are many reasons newlywed couples decide to forego a honeymoon, but is the decision right for you? If you and your partner are considering whether or not to have a honeymoon due to financial or other reasons, take some of these factors into account.

It might sound strange to some couples, but questions of whether to honeymoon or not to honeymoon is often a big one for many newlyweds. Depending on the location you plan on spending your honeymoon, you can be faced with a large investment or a modest investment. In addition to finances, both you and your partner have to be able to take time away to travel.

“But requesting time off from work for my wedding is a no-brainer,” you might say. While it’s expected that you take off work for your wedding, other factors can come into play, such as children, pets, and other obligations. All of these factors can potentially hinder your ability to be away from home for days on end.

Do You Have a Budget?

One of the first ways you can answer “to honeymoon or not to honeymoon” is by determining whether or not you’ve set aside a budget for the trip, or if you are willing to do so. If you have unrealistic financial expectations or can’t seem to compromise on options that are within your means, it might be best to forego a honeymoon instead of racking up piles of debt.

Do You Have a Goal?

Just like deciding on a budget, deciding on your honeymoon goals is key when determining whether or not you should honeymoon at all. Do you want to travel across the world to a remote location? Are you content with a simple weekend getaway a few hours up the road? Once you decide what you want out of your honeymoon, you can decipher whether or not your goals are possible with your monetary and time limits.

Should You Delay?

A very popular option for many newlywed couples is to delay the honeymoon instead of foregoing it all together. Consider planning a honeymoon on your one-year anniversary or at a later date when you both have the time and the funds to arrange a big trip. If you delay your travels, you won’t even have to ask “to honeymoon or not to honeymoon?”

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