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Tips to Balance Your Wedding Day Ensemble

Want to look classy and not tacky on your wedding day? Check out these tips to help balance your ensemble before you walk down the aisle.

Every bride needs to know how to balance their wedding day ensemble, because let’s face it: We’ve all seen those tacky bridal looks that make us cringe! No matter what your style preference, there are some things you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to putting together your wedding day ensemble. Even if fashion isn’t your thing and you could care less about style, you are the one who will have to look at your wedding photos for the rest of your life!

Here are some tips to keep things chic instead of “eek!”

Everything in Moderation—The key to balancing your wedding day ensemble is to wear everything in moderation. This goes for your makeup, your hairspray, and especially your accessories. There is nothing wrong with wearing elaborate jewelry or ornamental hair accessories, but in order to avoid overwhelming your bridal look, keep all of these things to a minimum.

Consider wearing only a necklace instead of a necklace and a bracelet, or simply wear a pair of fancy earrings without a necklace. The idea is to avoid causing any distraction. Chances are between the fabric of your dress and your veil, you’re going to have enough going on as it is. If you are wearing a very simple or informal wedding gown, without the long train and veil, then you have a little more leeway to play around with your accessories.

Keep Things in Proportion—The style and silhouette of your gown is also instrumental in keeping your wedding day ensemble balanced and fabulous. Empire waistlines don’t work for every body shape and neither do mermaid-style gowns. Consult with your wedding coordinator and seamstress to find the perfect gown style for your shape and height. The shorter you are, the less you want to overwhelm yourself with loads of fabric, and the taller you are, you want to choose a gown that is streamlined and proportionate to your height to balance your wedding day ensemble.

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