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Tips for Coordinating Your Wedding Colors

A breathtaking wedding is one where everything ties in together to create a beautiful treat for the eye. If you’re not sure quite how to do it, but you can’t afford a wedding planner, you can use these tips to keep everything coordinated.

Purple and Yellow Wedding Colors
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Choosing Your Colors

If you don’t already have colors in mind that mean a lot to you, check out the latest trends in colors. Some of the most popular colors for 2013 include mustard and gray, peach and teal or peach and mint, green and gold, and yellow and navy blue. One great way to find unique color combinations is to look at a color wheel and find contrasting or coordinating colors.

Moss Wedding Colors
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Plum and Gray Wedding Colors
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Where to Add Pops of Color

If you’re not quite sure where to add pops of color, here’s a good guide. Place your main color in your flower bouquets or vases, the table runner, napkins, chair covers, candle holders, etc. Your accent color can be used in the settings (dishes or china), chair sashes, candles, etc. When it comes to the wedding attire, you can use your main color in the bridesmaids’ dresses, the vests or ties of the groomsmen, etc. Your accent color can be used as sashes for the bridesmaids’ dresses, bouquet ribbons, pocket handkerchiefs, boutonnières, etc.

Purple and Orange Wedding Colors
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The Best Way to Coordinate Your Wedding

Choose a few wedding photos that you really love and pick out the colors the bride chose – the main color and accent color(s). Next, think of your own wedding with your main colors and accent colors replacing the ones in the photo. Keeping track of colors and items is easy with a pinboard like Pinterest.

Green and Gray Wedding Colors
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Purple and Pink Wedding Colors
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These tips can help you coordinate your wedding perfectly so that each detail comes together to make a spectacular and beautiful event.

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