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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Planner

You know you need a wedding planner, but how do you know which one to hire? These tips can help you find the perfect wedding planner for your special day.

Choosing your wedding planner is a bit more complicated than most couples realize. Not all wedding planners have the experience, knowledge, or the connections to ensure that every detail is managed as it should be. Not all wedding planners are organized enough to handle a large wedding. If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner but have no idea how to find the right one, use the following tips for choosing your wedding planner.

Interviewing Your Potential Planner

The interview is an important aspect when choosing your wedding planner. Be aware, however, that you should never base your wedding planner selection on the interview alone. Many wedding planners are charismatic by nature. While your wedding planner’s personality does need to be a good match with yours, their personality is not an indication of how well they can manage your wedding details.

Checking References

References can help you determine just how effective your wedding planner is at providing couple satisfaction. Ask the planner for names and numbers of couples that they have planned weddings for. Once you have those numbers, don’t just let them sit. Call them. Find out what those couples thought of the planner’s attention to detail. Find out if everything was completed on time. Also, find out if they thought the wedding was affordable for what they received. Reference checking is essential when choosing your wedding planner.

Check Vendor Reputation

One way to ensure that your wedding planner operates with integrity is to check their vendor reputation. Vendors can sometimes give you the inside scoop on how a wedding planner operates and may even provide you with information that references can’t.

Seeing the Results for Yourself

Ask the wedding planner if you can drop in on a wedding they are currently planning. Take a look around and notice the atmosphere. Take note on how smoothly everything runs. Taking a look at the wedding planner’s finished results in action is one of the best methods to use when choosing your wedding planner.

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