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Themed Wedding: Getting Guests to Dress Appropriately

If you want a themed wedding that includes your guests, it can sometimes be difficult to determine how to tell them. For instance, some guests may not be able to afford purchasing “costumes” to wear at your wedding, but there are many different ways around this. Here are some tips for getting guests to wear theme-appropriate clothing.

Offer Options

Your wedding website is one of the best ways to inform guests of your theme choice and the dress code. To ensure that everyone can dress theme appropriately without breaking the bank, offer options. For instance, for a flapper-era wedding, guests can dress in fun pinstripe suits, or simple slacks, a vest and a newsboy or bowler hat. Offering options gives individuals the ability to find something they can wear.

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Flapper-Era Themed Wedding
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Purchase the Costumes Yourself

You can also purchase costumes for guests to wear, such as providing hats for all the men and feather head bands for the women. If you want to be more elaborate than that, consider purchasing costumes just for those who are in the wedding party or utilizing thrift store or garage sale finds to help you out. If you choose to do this, you’ll need measurements for your guests. If it’s really important to you, consider providing guests with a gift card to purchase their own clothing.

1920's Theme Wedding - Fadoras

1920's Theme Wedding - Feather Bands
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Flapper Theme Bridal Attire
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This type of wedding (where all the guests are dressed to theme) works best for more intimate gatherings. It can be really difficult to make sure 150 people are dressed to theme. By considering these options, you can determine the best way to approach your theme wedding.

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