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The Top Three Wedding Dress Faux Pas

Whether you’re in the midst of wedding dress shopping or you’ve already found your dream gown, make sure you know these top three wedding dress faux pas before you walk down the aisle!

Finding the dream wedding dress is usually the very first priority on a new bride’s list, but wedding dress faux pas can completely ruin the look of that dream dress if you’re not careful. Even the simplest things can alter the look of a gorgeous wedding gown, and depending on the venue, lighting, and weather, your dream gown might end up looking like an entirely different dress if you don’t prepare your ensemble carefully.

Here are the top three wedding dress faux pas and what you can do to avoid them:

  1. Overwhelming the dress. The last thing you want to do is draw attention away from the dress. After all, it is the main focal point of your entire wedding day ensemble, and it’s likely you spent a fair amount of time—and possibly money—on that dress! One of the biggest faux pas brides are guilty of is weighing down the look of the dress with too many accessories. If you wear too many accessories, the dress will look busy and cause guests to look at all the wrong things. Balance your wedding dress look by wearing one main accessory, such as a single necklace or a pair of elaborate earrings.

  2. Wrong fit. It’s natural to see changes in your body over the course of the wedding planning process. Some brides gain a few inches, while some lose a few inches. Make sure you attend each bridal dress fitting with the proper shape wear and undergarments so the seamstress can alter your dress correctly. A wedding dress that is too tight or too loose is very noticeable when you walk down the aisle, and it won’t flatter your shape.

3. Mismatching. Another wedding dress faux pas that many brides fall victim to is mismatching the formality of the gown with the accessories, especially the veil. If your wedding dress is very formal, wearing casual accessories will throw the look of the gown off. Likewise, if your gown is semi-formal or informal, wearing a long cathedral veil and elaborate tiara crown will be too over the top.

Keep these top three wedding dress faux pas in mind as you put together your wedding day ensemble.

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