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The Essential Bridal Boutique Shopping Checklist

Once you’ve chosen the bridal boutique for your wedding day attire needs, what next? What else do you need besides your gown? Use this essential shopping checklist when you visit the bridal shop to ensure you have everything you need for your big day.

Choosing a bridal shop for your special day is a big decision, and having an essential bridal boutique shopping checklist on hand can help ensure you get the very most out of your visit. You’ll be visiting the shop of your choice more than once, so you’ll have multiple opportunities to get what you need, but it’s still important to have a bridal boutique shopping checklist prepared beforehand so you don’t forget anything.

The following items should be on your bridal boutique shopping checklist:

Shape wear—Shape wear will be one of the most important items needed for your bridal ensemble. It will help smooth out your figure and provide a better fit for your gown. There are all kinds of shape wear options, so talk to your seamstress and bridal consultant to select the best kind for your needs.

Shoes—Can’t forget the shoes! Many bridal shops carry a shoe selection to make your bridal ensemble shopping task more convenient. Try on all kinds of styles, and be sure to select a heel height you’re comfortable with, as well as a height that will suit the look of your gown.

Veil and jewelry—Accessories are essential on any bridal boutique shopping checklist. Even if you don’t like a lot of fuss, don’t forget to select at least one main jewelry piece and a veil, if you’d like to wear one. There are plenty of informal veil styles if you’re not crazy about the long, traditional tulle styles.

Slip/hoop—If you’re wearing a gown with a full skirt, you’ll need a hoop or slip to fill out the skirt. Your seamstress can help you select the proper hoop or slip for your gown, and if you’re wearing a gown with a straight skirt style, all you’ll need is a traditional bridal slip.

Familiarize yourself with these bridal boutique shopping checklist necessities before you visit your bridal shop, and you’ll be good to go!

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