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The Different Types of Wedding Bouquets

If you have yet to even look at wedding bouquets, you might be surprised when you find out what a wide selection you have to choose from. Understanding the differences in these selections can help you make the right decision for your big day. Initially, choosing your wedding bouquet might seem simple. However, once you really start looking, you are likely to find that there are many options, and your floral decisions have a big impact on the rest of your wedding d├ęcor. What is the difference between these bouquet options, and how do you know which style fits you and your wedding best? Bouquet Styles Before choosing your wedding bouquet, you should be familiar with the different styles available. This can help you achieve the right look for your wedding. Bouquets are offered in three basic styles; round, cascade, and hand-tied. Round Bouquets Round bouquets are shaped round. These often have more flowers than greenery, and the flowers can be assorted or just one type of flower may be used. If you plan to use this bouquet and want more than one type of flower, it is essential that you choose flowers that complement each other. Round bouquets tend to work best for petite brides. They are very poor choices for brides who have wide hips, want to look slim, or are tall. Cascade Bouquets Cascade bouquets are shaped like a waterfall with the majority of the flowers on the top. Often, there are flowers that flow in a downward direction and greenery is often implemented into the bouquet for a natural look. When choosing your wedding bouquet, if you feel that the cascade style fits best, you will want to be sure that the flower colors are balanced. This is especially true if you plan to use more than one type. Cascade bouquets tend to work best for brides who are tall, want to look slimmer, or who have round hips. Hand-Tied Bouquets Hand-tied bouquets are more casual. With these bouquets, the flowers are simply bound together with a ribbon. This type of bouquet can work well with any body shape, but they do not suit all weddings. They tend to blend well with beach weddings, outdoor weddings, or casual weddings best. When choosing your wedding bouquet, remember that it is essential to consider the style and setting of your wedding. Free Personal Wedding Websites from
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