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The Best Veil Style for Your Gown

Every bride needs the perfect veil to match her dream dress. Try to keep some of these pointers in mind to ensure you choose the best veil style for your gown.

Choosing the best veil style for your gown can complete your look, but in order to choose the right one, it is helpful to choose your gown first. In fact, it’s essential! It is also best if you wear your gown when trying on the different veil options so that you get the full idea of what it will look like on your wedding day.

Although your dress is the biggest factor in choosing the best veil style, be sure that you take other factors into consideration as well, such as the shape of your face and your hairstyle. These things will also influence the type of veil you should wear. Coordinating your veil with your dress should narrow down your choices pretty well.


The best veil style for your gown should bring balance to your overall look. Consider the complexity, detail, or the simplicity of your gown. A simple gown with a simple veil will most likely look too plain. Instead, opt for a veil that is intricately designed. Consider a beaded veil or a three tier veil to bring elegance to your look. However, if you are wearing an elaborate and detailed dress, consider a simple veil that keeps the attention on your gown instead of the veil itself.


The blusher is the part of the veil that covers your face while you walk down the aisle. It is also the part that the groom lifts to kiss you for the first time as a married couple. Although it may seem old fashioned, it can be the best veil style for your gown if you are wearing a Victorian style wedding dress, or any other traditional, formal style gown. It can work with other types of dresses as well if you have your heart set on your veil having a blusher.

Dress Detail

If you are wearing a wedding dress with a lot of detail, the best veil style for your gown should avoid covering up these intricacies. Instead, choose a veil that is simple and will merely highlight the elaborate look of your dress. If your gown is very modern or clean looking, you can always spice it up with a trendy birdcage veil. By carefully selecting the best veil style for your gown, your wedding day look will be complete!

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