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Sweet Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Literary Art

Jewelry, makeup and chocolate are all popular bridesmaids gifts, but it can be difficult to find something truly unique to give your girls. This DIY project is inexpensive but absolutely beautiful and very touching. It’s simple to create, too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Dictionary or Other Meaningful Book
  • Heart-Shaped Paper Puncher
  • Glue
  • White (or colored) Cardstock
  • A Pretty Frame
  • Scrapbook Paper

How to Create It

You can use the dictionary if you want, or you can use your favorite book…whatever you wish. If you use the dictionary, use the heart paper puncher to punch out definitions that you feel describe the bridesmaid you’re creating the gift for. For instance, you could punch out part of the definitions kind, thoughtful, loving, caring, etc.

If you’re using a fictional book or another type of book, simply punch out whatever areas you want. You’ll attach these to the cardstock after making sure the cardstock will fit inside the frame you’ve chosen. You can do rows or a special design – whatever you’d like. Remember that this is a gift from you so it’s fine to be creative and put your own special touch on the gift. Also, you can cut hearts from colored scrapbook paper and place those in with the book pages as well.

DIY Bridesmaid Gift
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This is a fantastic and unique gift that is touching, and the fact that you created it makes it all the more special!

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