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Summer Wedding Attire for Guests

While the bride is thinking long and hard about which dress to choose and whether to go with the veil or skip it, guests will be thinking about what to wear as well. A summer wedding is the perfect opportunity to dress up, and there are a lot of great choices as far as attire. Here are a few fun ideas!

Dress Up a Simple Summer Dress

A simple summer dress can be the perfect summer attire for a wedding. You can dress up any simple dress by adding a slim belt, attractive accessories and a matching bag and shoes. This is the perfect example of dressing up a simple outfit and making it chic and cute.

Simple Summer Dress for Wedding
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Perfect Sheath Dress

A sheath dress can be absolutely elegant when worn properly. This attractive peach colored dress is paired with soft hair and makeup and spiced up with an animal print clutch. Black, taupe or even silver shoes would work perfectly with this ensemble, too.

Sheath Summer Dress
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Summer Couture

Create a cute couture look by wearing a slightly fancier dress in a simple pattern and dressing it up with your shoes and accessories. This beautiful black and white dress is paired with lime green shoes and gold jewelry. A lime green polish color would really tie the whole look together.

Oscar de la Renta Gown
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The Colors of Summer

Simple dresses can also be jazzed up by adding shoes and a waist tie in coordinating colors. Here, the peach contrasts beautifully with the black in the shoes and bag.

DKNYC Pleated Dress
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These are just a few simple looks that can be created for a wedding ensemble, and you can probably use things you already have in your closet!

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