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Summer Hair Brooch Wedding Trends That Work Great for Every Hairstyle

Hair brooches have been some of the most popular wedding accessories for the past few years now, but this summer, there are some styles in particular that are making waves in the bridal world.

If you’re looking for information on summer hair brooch wedding trends that will work great with just about any hairstyle, then you’ve come to the right place! Hair brooches make any wedding ensemble instantly more elegant, and they can be worn in place of a veil if you wish to forego the hassle of a traditional headpiece.

Here are some popular brooch trends this summer:

Family Brooches

Brooches that are passed down in the family can be made into hair brooches (if they’re not designed for the hair already), or you can use certain stones or jewels from a family member’s jewelry to make your own brooch. Family brooches bring a touch of nostalgia and intimacy to your wedding ensemble.

Vintage Brooches

As many brides are aware, vintage is back and it looks like it’s here to stay! Brooches with dark, antique silver accents or designs inspired by Art Deco are especially popular, as are brooches mixed with French or Russian netting and flapper feathers.

Sea-Themed Brooches

If you’re getting married by a lake, on a seashore, or at the beach, opt for sea-themed brooches, which are all the rage this summer. Many are modern styles, made with glistening rhinestones and pearls, and they are mixed with seashell, starfish, or dolphin accents.

Remember to bring the trendy brooch of your choice to your salon appointment so that your hairdresser can play with your brooch and your wedding day hairstyle. Fortunately, as stated earlier, the brooch styles mentioned here are not only in vogue this summer, but they are versatile, too. Whether your hair is long or short or worn up or down, any of these styles will accentuate and enhance your look.

Hollywood beauties, runway divas, and worldwide fashionistas are all wearing hair brooches, so take your time and research these summer hair brooch wedding trends to find one that will work with whichever hair style you have in mind for your big day.

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