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Spring Wedding Ideas 2013

If your spring 2013 wedding is currently in the planning phase, you’ll really appreciate these fresh new ideas. After all, a bride can use all the help she can get! See if something here strikes your fancy – at the very least, these ideas will inspire some great ideas of your own.

Rose Napkin

To create a rose napkin, you’ll need a green napkin, and a napkin in a color of your choice for the “rose.” You simply fold the green napkin into a triangle (one point pulled across to the other point). Then, you’ll place it into a small water glass, with the points sticking out on each side. Fold the rose napkin into thirds and roll it up. Then, place it on top of the green napkin. Voila – you have a charming little rose your guests will love.

Rose Shape Napkins

Blossoming Cake

Your cake will be the centerpiece of your wedding reception. This beautiful blossoming cake creates the perfect spring wedding centerpiece. Between each tier, blossoms and buds spill over in a rainbow of colors. This is a perfect cake no matter what your wedding colors are, because it contains a little of every color.

Spring Wedding Cake

Fruit Vase Filling

One of the greatest ways to add color and a spring feeling to your wedding is to add fruits to the insides of your vases. From lemons and limes to peaches or oranges, this is a cute idea. Plus, the fruit can always be used later.

Wedding Centerpieces

These ideas can be used in combination with each other or as an accent to the plans you’ve already made for your spring 2013 wedding.

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