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Simple but Elegant Centerpieces for Your Wedding

Trouble sifting through the many centerpiece options? Learn which simple and elegant choices will complement your wedding best. If you are planning a simple but elegant wedding, then it only makes sense that you will need simple but elegant centerpieces for your wedding. These can sometimes be difficult to find or sort through, especially in a floral world that is sometimes bigger than life. There are just too many floral options! However, if you want to keep the attention on the love that the two of you share and not on the decorations, there are a few really great choices that will still make your wedding an event to remember. Floral Floating Candle Centerpiece These simple but elegant centerpieces for your wedding bring a sense of romantic ambience to the table and your reception. They will actually enhance the message that you want to share with your guests. The flowers can coincide with your wedding flower choices, and the container can be as elegant or simplistic as you choose. You can even tier them to make the look a little more elegant. No matter how you choose to use this simple but elegant centerpiece for your wedding, your guests will definitely feel the love in the air. Small Cut Flower Bouquet Small cut flower bouquets can be placed in almost anything that matches your fancy. You can go elegant. You can go green. You can even go modern. It doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is that these simple but elegant centerpieces for your wedding will bring color and beauty to your reception tables. They are classic, chic, and will spread plenty of cheer to go around! Short-cut roses are especially gorgeous. Sugared Lemons Nothing says summer like lemons! These beautiful but unconventional centerpieces are a lot of fun and definitely bring the summer-sun feeling right to your reception table. You can even adorn these simple but elegant centerpieces for your wedding with other small tokens of summer, like butterflies or berries to better match the color palate of your wedding. Toss the lemons in bowls and decorate the bowls as you wish. They make great, simple but elegant centerpieces for your wedding. Personal Wedding Websites from
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