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Retro Wedding Gowns for a Fun Bridal Twist

If you have a unique taste in bridal gowns and the average modern gown designs just aren’t cutting it for you, perhaps a little retro flair will be the perfect solution for your big day.

Are you stumped on what bridal gown to wear for your wedding day? Have you searched relentlessly on-line and in all of the trendy bridal boutiques for the dress, but just can’t seem to find what you are looking for? You may have a case of the bridal gown blues, but if in fact you do, you are not alone! Many brides today can’t seem to find the style they are looking for, and this is largely due to the surplus of modern gown designs that are circulating throughout the bridal fashion industry today. While it is true you can find a stunning modern gown that suits you, it may not have the design elements you are looking for. Many times, these elements that brides find themselves searching for are simply classic designs with some vintage flair.

It is not that these vintage designs don’t exist, of course—in fact, they are very in vogue at the moment—but it is not as common to see them in your local bridal stores as say, the latest trendy Vera Wang gown. Fortunately, many designers today do offer vintage frocks, and it is only a matter of finding them. Vintage and retro style gowns and weddings are currently all the rage, so there are thankfully a ton of fun vintage gowns with that unique retro touch you may be looking for. If you have a love for nostalgic details and all things 1950’s, consider checking out the latest retro wedding gowns to satisfy your passion for vintage flair.

Short cocktail gowns are especially plentiful, ranging from designs that integrate fluffy tulle and rose appliqués, to chic satin bodices that look great when paired with some bright, feisty pumps. Try designers such as Dolly Couture or Stephanie James Couture for beautiful, fun retro style wedding gowns that are dripping in vintage sentiment. Whichever gown you choose, don’t forget to top it off with a chic birdcage veil and a pair of gloves. As you plan for your big day, skip the masses of modern gowns out there and instead bring vintage back full force!

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