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Popular Flowers for Spring Wedding Bouquets

Need ideas for a spring wedding bouquet? If you aren’t sure which flowers best suit a springtime bouquet, consider any of these flower types for your floral wedding arrangements. Many brides know exactly what they want when it comes to spring wedding bouquets and floral arrangements, while others are clueless as to which flowers are appropriate for the season. In reality, you can choose almost any flowers you wish for your spring wedding arrangements, but it helps to choose flowers that are in bloom and that are readily available. Also, seasonal spring flowers will naturally match the theme and feel of the overall occasion. If you aren’t familiar with some of the most basic types of spring wedding flowers, then any of the following ideas will give you a good idea of what to choose for your bouquet and other arrangements. Lilies Lilies are some of the most popular spring wedding flowers. Admired for their simple elegance and soft, feminine beauty, any type of lily is an ideal flower to add to your wedding bouquet. Peonies Peonies are another staple flower choice for many spring wedding bouquets. Soft, romantic, colorful, and super feminine, they can be used alone or with other flowers to create a luscious spring arrangement. Violets Often used in combination with other flowers, violets help create a picturesque spring wedding bouquet. One look at them and you’ll envision lots of sunshine, pretty pastels, and sweet white bunny rabbits hopping around the gardens. Magnolias Magnolias are just as popular as lilies in the springtime; famous for their versatile, chic look. Magnolias look great on their own, or they can be paired with flowers such as violets. If you are wearing a very modern wedding gown, magnolias are a fabulous choice. Tulips What is springtime without tulips? These classic flowers are gorgeous in every color, and they embrace the spirit of spring perhaps better than any other flower! If you want to choose lovely flowers to work with for your spring wedding bouquet, you cannot go wrong with a handful of cheerful tulips. Wedding Websites from
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