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Popular Color Combos for Your Wedding

It seems that every year, brides become a little more daring with wedding colors. These daring colors often become a hit and serve as an inspiration to future brides. Learn which new colors are hot this season and that will be for the next! If you are a bride that likes extra flair, you might be pleasantly surprised by the popular color combos to choose from as of late. And if you are a bride that likes a more traditional look for your wedding, there are colors for you as well. No matter what your fancy—bold, bright, traditional, elegant, romantic – you are sure to find the color combos that are perfect for you. For some daring combinations, though, consider any of these popular ideas. Aqua and Apple Red While aqua and bright red are not right for every bride, this is definitely one of the most popular color combos for your wedding that will have your guests talking! While some brides may think it sounds a little gaudy or just “too much,” after looking at it, you are likely to sing a slightly different tune. It is perfect for a summer wedding and particularly for one outdoors because of the way it complements the scenery. However, you can use this combo indoors during a spring or summer wedding as well. Pink and Spring Green Planning a spring wedding and want to really make a statement? Then the pink and spring green may be the perfect color combo for your wedding. It brings a delicate but fresh appearance that will inspire your guests and leave them feeling refreshed. And, these colors definitely complement each other in a not-so-bold way, unlike the aqua and apple reds. They blend nicely but still look modern and brave when paired together. Chocolate Brown and Lemon Yellow Whether you are planning a formal wedding or just want something with a little more class, chocolate brown and lemon yellow are elegant, popular color combos for your wedding. These colors are especially great for your wedding if you are planning a fall wedding, although the popular color combo works great for a spring wedding, too. Free Personal Wedding Websites from
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