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Plaster Dipped Flowers for Centerpieces: DIY

If you’re looking for genius centerpieces that are fairly unique, these are perfect. These plaster-dipped flowers look like expensive wedding décor purchased from an upscale store, but really, they’re just artificial flowers dipped in plaster and dried. It’s not difficult to create these, but it may take a little practice to get it right, so you’ll want to do these well in advance.

Plaster Dipped Flower Votives
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What You Need:

  • Artificial Flowers of Your Choice
  • Plaster
  • Bucket for Mixing
  • Water
  • Hot Glue
  • Wire Cutters
  • Votive Candle for Sizing
  • Small Rubber Bands
  • Wax Paper

Note: you can tint your plaster if you’d like flowers in different colors, or you can stick with white if you prefer.

How to Create Them:

Start by taking a few of the petals from the center of the flowers. You want to create a little hole where you can sit a votive candle once the flower has been dipped. You may need to use the hot glue to hold the petals together once you’ve removed the center pieces of the flowers. Prepare each of your flowers first, as the plaster will dry quickly and you want to have each flower ready to dip before mixing the plaster.

Next, go ahead and mix the plaster up according to the directions. Place it in the bucket for dipping so you can get your flowers dipped quickly. Put out a large piece of the wax paper to place your dipped flowers on. Now, using the bottom stem of the flower, dip it into the plaster and spin it all around to make sure it’s fully coated. This includes between the petals and all over; it may take a little time to get each bit of the flower.

Once the flower is fully coated, remove it from the plaster and place it on the wax paper to dry. You can use the small rubber bands to shape the petals of the flowers after they’ve been dipped if you want to. These are a lot of fun and when they’re done, they look really fantastic!

Check out the full tutorial at Design Mom.

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