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One Wedding Hairstyle That Says Simple and Sophisticated

Wedding hair is something that most brides spend months thinking about, and then typically spend up to a hundred dollars bringing to life. Here’s one simple hairstyle that is sleek, sophisticated but super easy to do, and it will cost you nothing.

High Twisted Chignon
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Step 1:

Tease out your hair gently to give it lots of volume. Then, pull it back smoothly into a loose but high pony tail.

Step 2:

Pull the end of the pony tail up toward the front of your head at a 45-degree angle, and begin rolling the end down toward the crown of your head. Spiral the hair so that it’s winding up into a ball.

Step 3:

Use plain or bejeweled bobby pins to pin the hair down to the crown of your head so you have a high chignon-style look. Use as many pins as necessary to hold the look in place; it has to last throughout the ceremony and the reception. Then, use your fingers to pull the “roll” out and apart a little bit.

Step 4:

Spray the hair like crazy with super hold hairspray. Then, you’ll want to place the tiara on your head, or if you won’t be using a tiara, you can utilize crystal hair combs or flower pins to make the look a little more formal.

High Twisted Chignon
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Give the hair a final spray and there you have it – one of the most beautiful wedding looks and you’re able to do it completely by yourself. It’s charming, simple, sleek and a beautiful look for a wedding.

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