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North American Honeymoon Ideas to Fit Your Budget

If you have a limited budget for your honeymoon, you may be a little discouraged that you can’t travel abroad. Never fear, though! These North American honeymoon ideas are romantic and are designed to fit a modest budget.

North American honeymoon ideas to fit your budget may not sound like much, but there are actually some really amazing, romantic ideas to consider. Places all across the country offer couples a romantic retreat, a luxury getaway for less, and even provide you with adventures you never even knew were right in your own backyard. If you are having a hard time finding a honeymoon getaway on a limited budget, then these North American honeymoon ideas to fit your budget are exactly what you need.

New Orleans

If you want a romantic getaway that is full of culture, zest for life, and excitement, then New Orleans is the best location on the list of North American honeymoon ideas to fit your budget. Enjoy the weather in the spring and fall or enjoy the best prices in the summer and around the Christmas holiday. Get lost in the French Quarter shops and dance in the street to the diverse sound of local street musicians. Head over to the local Creole eateries and enjoy a flavor like no other. By night, hit the town for some toe-tapping blues and Dixieland jazz, and don’t forget the haunted ghost tours!

Nantucket Island

Want something a little more relaxed and nostalgic? Then Nantucket Island is the best location on the list of North American honeymoon ideas to fit your budget. For the best weather, head out from June to September. For the best prices, go in early spring, late fall, or in the winter. Take a whaling excursion on the open sea and enjoy the relaxing momentum of the ocean, or take romantic walks along the seaside or nature walks to enjoy the outdoors. Before you go, make sure this location’s activities are open during the down seasons.


If you have always dreamed of a honeymoon in France but can’t foot the bill for it, then Montreal is your second best bet. A location with a mixture of culture and history, this French/English city is best traveled for weather from May to October. Best prices can be found from mid-October on into April, with the exclusion of the week of Christmas. Sidewalk cafes, beautiful bistros, and international cuisine from all over the world to tantalize your taste buds are just a glimpse of what this North American honeymoon idea has to offer to fit your budget.

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