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Nixing those Wedding Jitters

Wedding jitters are perfectly normal, and many brides experience them at some point before the big day. Still, no one wants to be bogged down with cold feet. Here are some ways to nix those wedding jitters before they get the best of you!

Many brides fear wedding day jitters and wonder if they are normal or if they’re indicative of a more serious problem. While some wedding jitters are misinterpreted for real fear and doubt that requires the help of a professional, a majority of wedding jitters are due to the typical stress and nervousness that accompanies a hectic occasion and huge lifestyle change. If your big day is quickly approaching and you need help nixing those wedding jitters, try the following tips:

Seek solitude—Taking a drive, taking a beach day, or spending some time meditating in a quiet, relaxing space are all good ways to nix those wedding jitters before they steal your peace and joy. Seeking solitude—even if only for an hour on the night before the wedding day—can help you think clearly and allow you to process your racing thoughts. Take deep, measured breaths, shut out the world, and surround yourself with relaxing music or sounds, such as ocean or nature-themed sounds. And don’t forget to simply sit in the quiet. All of this will help calm your nerves so you can think things through and get a fresh perspective on your worries.

Talk to a trusted friend—As close as you might be to your mother or mother-in-law, chances are their views will always be biased and might even cause you to worry more. Call or meet with a trusted friend and talk about your anxiety. Explain why you’re nervous and seek their advice. It’s important to speak to a best friend or close family member to ensure they will be honest with you and do all they can to help alleviate your worries, as only those who know you best can do.

Blow off some steam—Any form of exercise can help burn off that excess stress, which is often the source of wedding jitters. Go for a jog, a swim, or play a game of tennis with a friend. This is a simple, effective way to nix those wedding jitters!

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