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Need to Bond with Your Girlfriends Before You Tie the Knot?

Many brides are concerned about bonding with their girlfriends before they tie the knot and run away with their Prince Charming. Here are some tips for sneaking in that girl time before the big day and why it’s so important.

Much like having a baby, tying the knot is often associated with a woman losing part of her identity, which is why the need to bond with your girlfriends before you get married is so important. In reality, having a baby or getting married doesn’t actually mean the end of friendships or the loss of identity, though some women truly do struggle with this. These common misconceptions usually stem from stories of women who have in some way lost touch with their support system or have gotten so wrapped up in their new marriage or child that they lose sight of who they are and lose their friendships along with it.

Relax, it’s natural.

This is perfectly natural and it can be avoided with some effort and simply by being aware. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the need to bond with your girlfriends before you tie the knot is important! In fact, it can be downright healthy and good for the soul. Even though you’re still the same woman when the honeymoon is over, you might see less of your girlfriends because you’re married and they’re not. Or maybe you’re moving or settling down to have a child. Marriage definitely triggers other life changes that can inevitably get in the way of nurturing and maintaining friendships.

What Can You Do?

Revisit the roots of your friendship. Start by acknowledging why you and your girlfriends are friends in the first place. How did you meet? How have you both made efforts over the years to stay in touch? Friendships works both ways, and if you’ve both made the effort to stay in touch thus far, chances are you’ll have no problem continuing the trend. In the meantime, though, before you walk the aisle, arrange a road trip or a weekend getaway to the beach for some strict girl time.

Tell your BFF how important it is to you to stay in touch and to remain in each other’s lives. Communicate and remind her why you appreciate her. This will make you and your closest friends feel better and more assured before you tie the knot and get busy with your new, married life. Bond with your girlfriends before you tie the knot and you’ll end up creating memories that last a lifetime.

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