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Mismatched Bridesmaid Trends

Say it ain’t so! Bridesmaids are ditching the traditional uniform look? Maybe it’s a trend worth paying attention to.

Brides and bridesmaids everywhere are saying goodbye to traditional matching dresses, instead choosing a hodgepodge of gowns for a fun, collective look that photographs beautifully. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses allow each girl to wear a unique dress that suits her own individual personality. They also break up the monotony and can often help to better showcase the bride and her gown. If you’ve been to a wedding or two recently where the bridesmaids wore different gowns, you may have noticed that the trend doesn’t always work out. Some brides who choose for their bridesmaids to wear mismatched gowns can end up with a sloppy looking bridal party, and sometimes it can end up being a downright eyesore.

Although they can be a mess if not carefully thought-out, mismatched bridesmaid dresses can be a fresh way to spruce up your bridal party, and can leave your girls feeling special in their own way. Besides, how many bridesmaids are tired of hearing that the best thing about their dress is that they can wear it again? We all know that most bridesmaids cannot wear their dresses again because they do not suit other occasions, and that this is a statement made by many good-hearted brides who are simply trying to make their bridesmaids feel better about having to wear or pay for their dresses! By letting your bridesmaids pick out different gowns, at least they have the chance to choose something that they will actually wear again.

If you do decide to have your bridesmaids wear mismatched gowns, you will still have to have some guidelines of course, to ensure your bridal party doesn’t end up looking messy or confused. Try helping your girls pick out various shades of one particular color, and if they can all wear similar lengths, this can also help to avoid a bad distraction. By keeping all of the gowns in the same color family, it gives you the freedom to allows some of the gowns to have various details such as empire waist ribbons or rhinestone accents on the straps. Keep the cuts and colors in mind, and make sure you give the okay before your bridesmaids make their final decisions. If you plan it well, mismatched bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party can add a stylish and memorable element to your wedding! offers free wedding websites. Create yours today!

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