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Making Your Own Elegant Wedding Invitations: It Is Possible

If you’ve been dying to create something all on your own for your wedding, this is a wonderful idea. You can create elegant and beautiful handmade wedding invitations for your guests. It’s important to price the materials to determine whether the handmade invitations would be more cost-effective than ordering invitations, but if handmade is really important to you, give it a go regardless.

The Rustic Look

Use parchment paper, torn unevenly at the edges. Simply fold it over and make sure each one is about the same size. On the front of the invitation, embellish with colored cardstock and printed designs to create a textured look. These are perfect for a country wedding or a wedding that is informal and relaxed.

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations
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Handmade Wedding Invitations
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A More Formal Affair

For a more formal wedding, purchase cardstock in your main color (this will be the background and the outside), and cardstock in a complementary color. You’ll cut out long rectangles of the main color, making sure they’re all the same size. Then, you’ll create slightly smaller rectangles of the accent color and affix the accent color to the inside of the main color card stock.

DIY Formal Wedding Invitations
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DIY Wedding Invitation
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If you’re printing the information, you’ll need to print them before affixing the insides, of course. Then, fold the paper from the bottom up, so that about three-fourths of the paper is folded up. Bring the top down to meet the bottom and fold there as well. This can be done vertically or horizontally; whichever you prefer. You can seal the invitations with wax, tape, stickers, etc. These look great when embellished with organza ribbon or satin ribbon.

Homemade Wedding Invitations
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These can be a lot of fun to create and could potentially save you a lot of money on your wedding invitations.

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