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Make a Splash with Mermaid Wedding Gowns

Vivacious and elegant, a mermaid wedding gown is sure to make a big splash on your wedding day! The beauty and elegance of mermaid wedding gowns are unmatched by any other type of wedding gown. Choosing this type of wedding gown can ensure that you make a breathtaking entrance on your special day. While this gown is not intended for all body types or all types of weddings, it is definitely worth considering. The mermaid wedding gown style is designed to have a tight fitted style around the bodice and hips and then move to a trumpet shape that starts at the knee. It can be slightly altered if you don’t want to have as much fitting around the bodice and hips, but this is one of the factors that make this dress design so stunning. Mermaid wedding gowns are designed to accentuate your curves. If you are extremely curvy, you may find this dress to be a poor choice. However, if you are exceptionally thin or have smaller curves, this wedding gown may be just the gown you need to emphasize those curves. Mermaid wedding gowns are also made in more than one style. The neck line is one of the most variable factors in the different mermaid wedding gown styles. Sweetheart necklines or v-neck necklines are amongst the most popular. You can also choose between a dress with or without straps. Your body type can be a big deciding factor in which options you choose. Brides who are bustier might enjoy the v-neck gowns. For brides that want to create the illusion of more curves, a sweetheart neckline might be more appropriate. Deciding between straps and strapless is really more of a personal preference, but the strapless style tends to be the more popular of the two. This type of wedding gown is considered a more formal style, so if you plan to have a more casual wedding, your dress may look a little out of place. Instead, consider a more informal wedding dress choice like the cocktail wedding dress. Choosing the right dress for your perfect day takes time. It also requires you to consider your body type and the type of ceremony you are planning to have. If you want elegance, formality, and killer curves, mermaid wedding gowns may be exactly what you are looking for. Free Wedding Websites from
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