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Looking for Popular Flowers for Your Summer Wedding Bouquets?

By now, chances are you’ve already chosen your flowers for your summer wedding. However, if you’re getting married at the last minute or are having second thoughts about your bouquet choices, consider these flower types for your arrangements before it’s too late. Many brides end up looking for popular flower choices for their summer wedding bouquets and arrangements at the last minute, or they simply change their minds about the look they want to achieve. If your date is right around the corner but you still have some flower choices to make, keep in mind that the season and time of year can greatly impact the selection and availability of certain arrangement options. Whether you want to explore other summer flower options or you aren’t familiar with the basic types of summer wedding flowers, the following flower types can help you make the right decision for your summer wedding. Roses Roses are probably the most classic spring and summer flower choice, but they are also the most expensive, and they require a lot of maintenance. If you want roses for your summer wedding, talk to your florist right away and set aside room in your budget. Lilies Like roses, lilies are some of the most popular summer wedding flower choices. They are appealing because of their simple, soft, elegance, and their universal, feminine beauty. Peonies Peonies are often considered a core flower choice for many summer brides due to their soft, full look. They are very romantic and full of summertime color, and they are extremely versatile—they can be used by themselves or with other flowers. Violets Violets easily create a picturesque summer wedding! They are typically used with other flowers, but some brides like to use them without other fillers. If you want to invoke the feeling of lots of sunshine, summer gardens, and soft femininity, then violets are the summer flowers you’re looking for. Magnolias Magnolias and lilies often compete for a bride’s attention. Like lilies, magnolias are very chic and elegant, and they offer the same level of versatility as well. Magnolias are especially ideal if you are wearing a clean, modern gown, or a simple ensemble. Keep these choices in mind while you’re looking for popular flowers for your summer wedding bouquets and arrangements. Free Wedding Websites from
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