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Looking for Fresh Wedding Dress Color Trends?

Does the idea of a white or ivory dress make you cringe? If you’re an unconventional bride who wants to switch things up on your wedding day, here are some wedding dress color trends to consider for your special occasion.

Many brides are on the hunt for fresh wedding dress color trends. For some, a white or ivory gown isn’t the least bit appealing. Even if you want to skip the traditional white gown, you might not be unconventional when it comes to other aspects of the wedding occasion. Whatever your reason for wanting a colored wedding gown, we have some wedding dress color trends to share with you here.

Try some of these ideas on for size:

Dark reds or burgundies—Gowns with wine or cherry red coloring are especially popular in recent years, and no, they are not just for Christmas or Valentine’s Day weddings. While it’s true many brides opt for these colors for a holiday wedding, wine or cherry colors can be worn all year long and work for both formal and informal occasions. You can switch things up even more and have your bridesmaids wear white or ivory dresses instead, ensuring that your dark red wedding gown will be the center of attention.

Black and white—This color combination is a wedding gown trend that is here to stay. Many brides opt for gowns that feature dramatic black and white accents, which work really well with a formal wedding occasion or for a winter wedding.

Mochas and beiges—Various beige and mocha colors also offer fresh wedding dress color trends for the daring bride-to-be. These colors are ideal for a summer or fall wedding and look great if you are having a beach or seashore wedding of some sort. One thing to keep in mind with this wedding dress color trend is that mocha and beige colors don’t complement every skin tone, so make sure you pick a shade that works for you.

These are a few examples of popular wedding dress color trends, but you can be as bold and creative as you’d like.


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