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Little Details that Make for a Beautifully Elegant Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, you’ll quickly see how it’s the little details that come together to create something truly beautiful and elegant. Here are a few fantastic ideas for those “little details” so you can make sure your wedding comes together perfectly.

Rose Ice for Champagne Buckets

If you’ll have champagne buckets for your reception, freeze rose buds into your ice cubes. It’s a beautiful and charming idea, and is very romantic. Guests won’t be able to stop talking about how clever you are!

Rose Bud Ice
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Circular Outdoor Wedding Seating

Rather than having everyone sit in two large rows, create a circular seating plan for the ceremony so that everyone can see. You can still have the aisle to walk down, but everyone will be able to see your face as you go to meet your hubby at the altar.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
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Lights Under the Tablecloths

If you want your reception to sparkle in an extra special way, add lights under sheer or semi-sheer tablecloths. It creates a beautiful glow and looks really charming. It’s easy to do, too. Just use icicle lights and tape them to the bottom of the table before putting the tablecloth on.

Under the Table Lighting
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These fun and unique ideas will help you create the beautiful details that make up the gorgeous wedding!

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