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Lighted Branch “Trees” for a Wedding

This is an incredible look that is really easy to create yourself. Imagine a dusk wedding with these “twinkle trees” lining the aisle, or as décor for your reception hall. They’re very whimsical and pretty, and you can do it yourself with a little help.

DIY Lighted Moss Trees
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Here’s what you’ll need:

Large decorative pots (1 for each tree)

Spray foam insulation

Branches (1 section for each tree)


Strands of white Christmas lights (1 for each tree – 50 to 100 lights a strand)

Hot glue

First, gather your branches. You can do this for free if you have a bit of woods near your home or near a family member’s home. Look for fallen branches first. Strip the leaves from your branches and make sure it’s a sizable section that will make a nice little “tree.”

DIY Lighted Trees with Spray Foam
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Next, you will have a friend hold the tree in place in the pot. You can get the lighter pots that look like stone but don’t weigh a ton at your local hardware store. Spray the foam insulation carefully, because it expands quickly. This will hold the tree in place. Allow this to dry completely. You can then hot glue the moss down on top of the spray insulation to cover it.

DIY Spray Foam Tree Decor
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Finally, you can wrap the twinkle lights around the tree and you have a beautiful décor element that really makes a statement but is incredibly easy to make.

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