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Kick Back with a Restaurant Wedding Celebration

Looking for a laid-back venue for your big day? Consider kicking back with a one-of-a-kind restaurant wedding celebration.

A restaurant wedding celebration isn’t for everyone, but more and more brides are being drawn to the appeal of having one instead of getting hitched in a little white chapel. Can’t see yourself walking down the aisle in an elaborate cathedral? Hate the idea of hosting a formal reception in a luxurious banquet hall? If the idea of a formal, uptight wedding day makes you cringe, then a restaurant wedding celebration may be right up your alley.

The Advantages of a Restaurant Wedding

Many restaurants that host weddings offer the option to have both your ceremony and reception at the location. Even if you’d rather have the ceremony somewhere else, you can’t go wrong with hosting your reception at your favorite restaurant. You and your guests get the chance to kick back, let your hair down, enjoy some good wine and some great music, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Since the location is much smaller and more intimate than a large reception hall, you also have the opportunity to be more personable with your guests. You can wander around and mix and mingle, and you’ll have the chance to visit and greet friends and family members who you haven’t seen in years or who you’ve yet to meet. In general, the atmosphere is more low-key, and the environment provides a warm, welcoming get-together for you and your guests.

Additionally, restaurant wedding celebrations are great for brides who wish to makes things more convenient for everyone attending the occasion. If you host your ceremony and reception in one place, you have the added benefit of easy transportation. No one needs to drive to and from to get from the ceremony to the reception.

Keep in mind that restaurant weddings are best suited for small to medium-sized weddings, and that parking might be an issue if you’re using a very small restaurant location. If you still want to have a restaurant wedding celebration but plan on having a large guest list, consider looking at large-scale event locations that offer a full dining service and ballroom. You can still host a laid-back restaurant wedding celebration at one of these locations.

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