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Items to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Not sure what to put on your wedding registry? Check out some of these popular wedding registry items. If you are like many couples, you may not be sure which items to put on your wedding registry. In many cases, it is because the bride and groom already live together and have everything they need for their home. However, there is a solution to this all-too-common dilemma. Around-the-House Items to Put on Your Wedding Registry Couples that already live together may still be missing a few items for their home, or they may decide that they want to ask their guests for something they have been wanting, like a new cookware set or dish set. Other big items include bed and bath items that can spruce up the romantic areas of your home. You may even want to ask for some romantic candles to add to your home’s ambience.  This can be especially great for a romantic bubble bath or for the bedroom or living room atmospheres. Honeymoon Registry If putting household items on your wedding registry just doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, you may want to consider a honeymoon registry. This growing trend allows your guests to pay for parts of your honeymoon in lieu of actual gift items. This can allow you to enjoy a more eventful honeymoon than you might have if you had funded it yourselves. Honeymoon registries are becoming much more popular than traditional registries, especially since they can cost a significant amount of money for newlyweds whose budget may be tight right off the bat. Home Repairs and Upgrades Does your home need repairs or upgrades? You might want to consider registering at a home improvement store or at a store that sells home improvement items. Windows, doors, electrical wiring, tools, or anything else that you need to make repairs or upgrades on your home will do. Just remember to place items on your wedding registry that will vary in price so that guests from all income streams can purchase you a gift. Personal Wedding Websites from
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