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How to Have a Celebrity Cake for Your Wedding Without the Cost

Celebrity wedding cakes are beautiful and extravagant, yet very few people can afford designs similar to them. If you want a celebrity-style cake on a budget, try a few of these tips. If you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding without the cost, there are a few tips you can follow. Following these tips can help provide you with an extravagant cake for a lot less money! Before the end of the reception, guests will be swooning over your cake and they won’t believe it when you tell them how much you saved. Finding Your Cake Before visiting cake caterer, spend some time looking through celebrity wedding cakes. Look in wedding magazines, celebrity magazines, and on-line through different celebrity wedding cake pictures. Decide which ones will best fit your wedding theme and clip or print a few out. Spend some time looking over them, show them to your groom-to-be, and even ask the opinion of family and friends. You will want to narrow down your choices until you find two or three of your favorites. Visiting the Cake Caterer When you go to the cake caterer, take along your cake picture clippings. Let them know that you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding, without the hefty cost. Ask them if they can create something similar to the cakes you have chosen in a scaled-down size. Ask if there are ways that you can duplicate the design without as many embellishments. They should be able to help you have a celebrity cake for your wedding that doesn’t cost as much, and they’ll inform you of the different prices and options. Celebrity Cake Display Another way that you can have a cake like the celebrities have is to have the cake caterer create a small cake that would be for display only. This cake could feed just you and your groom, or maybe even a few immediate family members. You could then have them create a second-sheet cake with some of the same embellishments, and it can be sliced out of the guests’ sight, saving you tremendously on the cost. If you want to have a celebrity cake for your wedding without the cost, try some of these great tips! Personal Wedding Websites from
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