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How to Decide Who to Invite to the Wedding

If you’re still struggling with your wedding invitations list, maybe we can help. It can be hard to determine who you should invite and who you shouldn’t, especially if your budget will allow only a certain number of wedding guests. Use these questions and ideas to decide who to invite to your wedding.

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Are You Related to the Individual?

If either you or the groom is related to the individual in question, you may want to think about inviting them, simply because feelings could get hurt if you invite one family member and not another. However, wedding etiquette does not require that you invite them; consider the other questions before making up your mind.

Did He/She Invite You to His/Her Wedding?

Another question to ask yourself is whether the individual in question invited you to his or her wedding. If the answer is no, then you definitely don’t have to invite them to your wedding. If they did, again, you might want to consider inviting him or her.

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Is It Someone You Come into Contact with Often?

If this is someone you come into contact with often, or someone you chat with often, you might want to think about inviting them. If you haven’t seen or heard from this individual in the past 6 months, you really don’t have to invite them. This is especially true if you’re going for a more intimate wedding celebration.

The Drama Factor

If you didn’t invite the individual in question, would it create family drama or problems? If it would, it’s best to go ahead and invite them, simply for the sake of keeping peace. That said, if you really don’t want to invite the person, don’t. It’s your big day so it should be your choice.

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Using these questions and ideas, you can determine whether to go ahead and invite someone or leave them off the list.

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