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How to Choose a Caterer for Your Wedding

Food is often the highlight of your wedding, but it is also one of the most expensive items on your budget list. Additionally, it is one of the worst areas to make a mistake or a have a misunderstanding, especially if it happens on the day of your wedding. Find out what you need to know about hiring a caterer and how you can ensure that the day goes smoothly. 

Overwhelmed while trying to decide on a caterer for your wedding? You’re not alone! Catering options are vast, and prices can vary greatly from one caterer to the next. To make things even more complicated, there are often costs or small extras that couples sometimes fail to consider when hiring the caterer, leaving room for mistakes. But don’t panic—these tips can help you choose a caterer for your wedding and help prevent any catering hitches.

Count the Cost

When hiring a caterer for your wedding, it is very important that you consider all costs associated with the catering service. Silverware, tableware, and glassware may not be included in the price. Drinks may also be excluded, especially alcoholic beverages. To cut costs a little, ask if the catering service offers child portion plates so that you don’t have to pay full price for children who, in most cases, eat much less than adults. Above all, make sure that you get a full list of services and items provided for the price quoted in writing.

Consider the Type of Service

Buffet style may be great for a small wedding, but it could result in a bunch of hungry, disgruntled guests if you have a long guest list. Family dinner services may work for large weddings, but they might not be cost-effective for smaller weddings. Plate service is generally the most expensive, but is also the easiest to plan for large and mega weddings. No matter which type of service you choose for your wedding, make sure that you keep your guests’ best interest in mind and be certain that the caterer you choose for your wedding offers this type of service.

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