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Hot Wedding Trends for Summer 2012

If you’ll be tying the knot this summer, you’re probably already researching the hottest trends and latest wedding must-haves. After all, you want your wedding to be fashionable and fun. Well, we’ve got a few of the hottest wedding trends for summer 2012 right here!


Lace is very “in” right now in the wedding world, especially since the Duchess of Cambridge’s insanely popular wedding in spring of last year. Her dress has been recreated for many brides, and features a hearty helping of lace on the arms and chest. It also featured a traditional long train. Dresses that are more traditional in style with plenty of lace accents will be very popular.

Relaxed Bridesmaid Dresses

Whereas brides in days past would make sure their bridesmaids matched down to the flowers in their bouquets, brides these days are becoming a little more relaxed. One hot trend is mismatching bridesmaid’s dresses in the same shade. One might have a strapless, teal floor-length gown while another has a spaghetti-strap, calf-length teal dress. Color plays a big role as well. One bridesmaid may have a dress in magenta with a brown sash while the other bridesmaid has a brown dress with a magenta sash. It’s really dependent upon the bride’s personality and taste.

Rustic Wedding Décor

With so many DIY blogs and tutorials out there, rustic wedding décor is becoming more and more popular, and expected to be hot for summer 2012 weddings. A few examples of rustic décor include hanging mason jars filled with flowers or flickering candles, burlap chair sashes, and reclaimed wood planters filled with flowers in all shades.


While white roses and lilies have been popular for a very long time in the wedding industry, this year’s most popular flowers will include more unique varieties. Peonies and ranunculus are very popular, and will be popular in all shades. Also popular this year will be wildflowers, which provide splashes of lovely color and make the scene more festive.

When planning your summer 2012 wedding, keep these hot trends in mind so you can plan the most beautiful and trendy wedding possible.

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